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Police speak on drug planes and other violent crimes

Reports of a plane landing in the south surfaced over the weekend.  According to the Police Commissioner Chester Williams a team was alert and on standby but there was no aircraft found as was reported.

Reports of a plane landing in the south surfaced over the weekend.  According to the Police Commissioner Chester Williams a team was alert and on standby but there was no aircraft found as was reported.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:At this time we have no information or concrete information that a plane did land. Yes we had received preliminary information that a plane may have landed but as you rightly said the members of the BDF Special Assignment team along with police officers had gone to the area and they made extensive searches of the area and there was no sight or sign of any plane having landed in the area. We were out that night, we were monitoring the different tracks coming in the air space and the plane did fade off into that area but you’d know the area is very close to the Guatemalan border so it could be that it went into Guatemala instead of Belize.”

As it relates to the plane that landed in the north near Sarteneja, Police Commissoner explained that no one has been charged for this incident despite the detention of four persons.  Commissioner Williams added that he believes the drugs may already be in Mexico by now.

Reports of a shooting in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve surfaced over the weekend.  The Belize Defence Force has not been forthcoming with any information and Police Commissioner Williams indicated that he will not get into the details of the incident.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I am not going to say much about it. The matter is still in its infancy stage. The person who was shot yes I can confirm one person was shot and that person had been extracted out of the Chiquibul Forest reserve and is now at the San Ignacio Poly Clinic. Considering the fact that it is a matter at the border area and involve nationals from Guatemala I’m going to yield the response to come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So there’s not much that we  will say but I want to say this though I noticed last night just after the incident occurred Channel 5 posted something on social media to the effect. May I say that when you do things like that you put our security forces at risk because then you inform the enemies that the security forces are in that area, one of their nationals has been shot and that could have caused more persons to come over to the Belizean side and have a stand off with our security forces so I would ask that in the future when you get these things if you hold back on it a bit to give the security forces enough time to get out of the area before you put something to go publicly where those are concerned.”

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs or National Security are yet to issue a release on the matter.

There was a chooping incident over the weekend in the north.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette spoke on their preliminary findings into this investigation.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: “On Saturday night some time after 8pm police responded to a chopping incident in San Roman Village in the Corozal district where upon arrival they were informed that two persons were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital being Anderson Pech who had injuries and one Kevin Pech who had apparent chop wounds. Both persons are stable and also the police was also made aware that one Rodriguez believed to be Obaldo Rodriguez also received injuries. During the investigation the police learned that the Pech brothers went to an area where Rodriguez was socializing with others where an argument ensued and as a result those persons started beating on Rodriguez where he also received cut wounds, he in turn may have inflicted injuries on those persons. The matter is still under investigation at this point. No one has yet been charged.”