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Police still investigating shooting death of Richard Garcia

While one police officer is being applauded for shooting an alleged rapist, another is being investigating for fatally shooting a Corozal man. The incident dates back to June of this year and the man is 44 year-old Richard Allen Garcia. Garcia was shot while at his home in Chunox Village. The Professional Standards Branch is still investigating whether or not the officer used excessive force. ACP Chester Williams provided an update.

ACP Chester Williams – Head, Professional Standards Branch
“The file is currently being prepared to be sent to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution and she will be the one to make that determination as to whether or not to file any criminal charges against the police officers concerned or to send the matter to Coroners Inquest so that matter will be sent to the DPP for determination.”

“Would you hazard sharing your views on it if you’ve managed to review parts of the file and the evidence being presented at this time.”

ACP Chester Williams – Head, Professional Standards Branch
“I have not seen the file, before I came it was sent to the head of National Crimes Investigation branch it’s a matter for them and they are the ones who are dealing with the matter and Mr.Myvette is responsible for sending the file to the DPP’s office so I can’t share my views on it as I have not seen the evidence in the file.”

According to police, Garcia was armed with a machete and was advancing at them in a threatening manner.