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Police strengthen ties with community thru its Meet & Greet

This afternoon, police held another meet and greet this time in the Martin’s de Porres area of Belize City, where they were well received. Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police, spoke to the media about the initiative.

Chester Williams – Deputy Commissioner of Police: There is no specific reason why we are in this area but just to back and touch base with the residents to ensure that we can get their feedback as it relates to the work the Police has been doing in the area. Since our reconfiguration of operations we have not been in this particular area so we believe that it is only prudent that we come back to the area and talk to them and see how the configuration has been working and we want to know in terms of the visibility of the Police in the area and what the Police have been doing over the past couple of months. I must say that we have been getting some very positive feedback in terms of the residents are happy that they are seeing more of the police now and from the Police stand point I know that we have been doing a lot in terms of Stop and Search operations, going after persons who we know are we wanted for different crimes and things we know must be done with a view to prevent crime from occurring so I must commend the officers who are within this area on a daily basis as well for their good work that they continue to do.”

Williams said that the Special Patrol Unit is responsible for patrolling the St. Martin’s de Porres area.

Chester Williams – Deputy Commissioner of Police:We know the St. Martins area can be very challenging to Police and you would know that when tensions are high in this area you can average sometime a murder a day and we have been doing our best over the past couple of months to try to calm things down within this area and as a part of our operation re configuration we have assigned the St. Martin’s area to the Special Patrol Unit so if you would notice all the patrols in the St. Martin area are from the Special Patrol Unit and if you notice the reason we put them in this area is because we want to be able to get a grip of the situation that we expect that they will be out Policing the area more aggressively and when I say aggressively I don’t mean brutal but in the in the sense aggressive in the sense that they a will be ensuring that our operational objectives are met on a daily basis and I must say the results have been very fruitful for us and we want to build on what we have to again ensure the safety of the people.”

Williams is confident that the Special Patrol Unit is capable of maintaining the peace in the St. Martin’s de Porres area of Belize City.