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Police Substation reopened with help of Orange Walk Town Council

Police presence has been restored at the Cemetery Street neighborhood in Orange Walk Town. That followed the renovation of the Cemetery Street Police Substation that was undertaken and completed by the Orange Walk Town Council. Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard told Love News that they embarked on the project following several concerns filed by residents in the area. These concerns centered on rising criminal activity in that neighborhood, a situation that became of greater concern following the holdup and murder of the business owner of P&P Supermarket last year. The store is located just a few yards from the substation.  The Town Council officials first met with the Orange Walk Police Formation commanders who agreed to reopen the substation. The work began shortly after. 

Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk

“The council foot the bill in terms of making sure that the entire retrofitting of that substation was done with all the amenities: a proper office desk, office chairs, and proper bathroom facilities. We even extended the building and we were able to provide to them a brand new motorcycle; in fact they got two brand new motorcycles. We went to a business owner and explained to him to him our proposal that we wanted to address in that neighborhood and he quickly agree to also donate a second motorcycle so yesterday we were able to hand over back to the police a very well equipped Police Substation and we were able to also acquire from SMART,  a telephone line that will be specifically for the substation along with the telephone so that the police officers can communicate effectively. Their radios that we are acquiring shortly to hand over to them as well l so the police that are there can communicate amongst themselves if they’re doing manual patrol, foot patrol. The reason why we decided that the motorcycles will be specifically used for the substation so they do not need to rely on having to wait on a transport from the Police department to go an address an issue if a call come in or any issues that may be raised by any resident in that neighborhood but this is all about our commitment in partnering with our different stakeholders in addressing the issue of crime in this case the Police Department and I want to humbly thank all of those persons who willingly accepted for us to partner with them the business community. The residents who have also said they would support the police officers that are out there whether they offer them food in the night or whatever this is all about getting the community back to where we want it especially in that area we’ve been seeing a lot of little issues rising.”

The Orange Walk Town Council has also been assisting the police with thirty gallons of fuel on a monthly basis for two years now. They will also be providing fuel for the two motorcycles assigned now to the substation. The renovation cost a little over twenty thousand dollars. Two officers have been assigned to the police substation since yesterday.