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Police take Drugs off the Street

Yesterday Belize City police found five pounds of Marijuana in the Partridge Street Extension. The discovery was made at around noon as part of Operation ACT. Nineteen compressed parcels of marijuana were found in a bucket. They were labeled, sealed and deposited as Found Property since no one was in the area. Police also found ten .380 live rounds of ammunition and a little over one pound of marijuana in an area off Oleander Street, Belize City. Searches were also conducted in the Lord Ridge Cemetery where officers discovered four .38 Aguila brand ammunition and one 9mm S & B brand ammunition. (VO 3 STARTS) In Dangriga two persons were charged with drug trafficking. They are 32 year old Francisco Lopez and 21 years old Patricia Meza. The duo was busted yesterday morning by members of Special Branch and other units. Police say that a search of Lopez’s residence resulted in the discovery of 101 grams of marijuana.