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Police take Guns and Smoke Grenades to Belize City Home

The police have a term they like to use to call anyone with interactions with the law as “known to the police.” Well one man who has been known to the police over his lifetime is Brian Brown. Brown is considered a kingpin of GSG, the George Street Gaza.  His home on Jimmy Dyer Avenue has been raided by the police as far back as 2000. And since then he had erected a fence and barbed wire to protect himself from the elements. In 2012 his house was also raided by the police and then they found bullet proof vests and weed. But those charges were cleared in 2016 when officers couldn’t prove Brown lived at the address at the time of the search, during which he was not present. Brown was recently in the news for threats against his family members a few months ago in May. This morning in the Faber’s Road Extension area, there were reports that notorious figure, Brian Brown was shot during a police raid of his home and taken away in a sheet. Love News went to the scene to investigate if that was true.

Voice 1: It was about 11 this morning when we were all sitting here between these two compound because they belong to the same owner, same property. Just a regular day we were in the yard doing a little mechanic , some of them were upstairs doing a thing, well were just relaxing like I said and all of a sudden smoke bomb start throw . Boom! Boom Boom!. Smoke was everywhere. We wanted to know what is going or what is happening. GSU started  jumping and climbing the chain fence and gate. They broke the chain and they rush in.

Voice 2: And I saw Mr.Caliz.come out with a school bag and then he ran to the gate, threw something over it and all that I saw was smoke. I saw smoke so i got off the house top. I had a phone that I was using to record. I don’t know if it caught everything but as i came out, the officer said hands up, get on the ground, get on the ground. I didn’t even comply, I was in shock because so much guns were in my face. , It was about six or seven officers in the house. The phone was in my hands so they could have seen so that was unnecessary. Get on the ground, i didn’t comply, one of the officers just grab me and slam me on the ground and then GSU officers after the officers slam me on the ground one of the GSU officers drag me outside but before that the officer that tell me to get on the ground, he also pepper sprayed me, see my is still red. My whole face was burning, then that’s how i went downstairs and then all of them barged in the room after Mr. Brown. They dragged him through the house, down the step on the street but before they reach the street i had a sheet on the line, they took it off and put him in there like he got shot and he is dead.

What caused the raid on Brown’s home? The police say Brown had threatened to kill his sister and mother because he believed they owed him money. Though it was mentioned that Brown needed a psychological examination, the police took the threat seriously as he has soldiers whom they believed could carry out his orders. Fast forward to 1:30 this afternoon, the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Commander of Operations joined a scheduled conference to update the public specifically about this morning’s raid on Brown’s residence.  He made it clear that Brown was not shot; no tear gas used and especially stressed no use of excessive force.

DCP Chester Williams: The directive was given that Brian Brown must be brought into custody and based on that the police went to the area and upon police arrival they began to stone the police with bottles and other projectiles. The police were very patient, eventually were able to jump the face and gain access to the yard. Having gain access to the yard, Brown then went inside his home and again locked himself inside the home. With the use of the white smoke, its not tear gas, white smoke. The police threw that inside the house and having done that they gain access to the house, Brown was found hiding under the bed, he was taken from under the and because of the manner in which he was behaving the police had to tie him in a sheet to prevent him from causing injuries to police and he was escorted out of the area and to the hospital as he had received scratches on his hands when he was being taken from under the bed by the police. Brian Brown is in good health, he was not shot by the police, not with lethal or nonlethal weapon bullets.

Of course the family disagrees with the Deputy Commissioner’s characterization of today’s events. Earlier you heard a resident of the home explain how she was pushed to the ground and pepper sprayed. We note that at the scene the house was filled with kids.  A sixteen-year-old minor who was sitting on the fence of the adjoining property was taken by the police. The mother of the minor was quite upset when she heard how her son was treated. She gave him permission to speak on camera and we note that the Convention of the Rights of the Child acknowledges that children have the right to express their opinions and to have those opinions heard and acted upon when appropriate, to be protected from abuse. He told us he was kicked in the back and showed us the officer who did it.

Sixteen-year-old minor:  I was in the yard beside the house and when they came they pulled me over the fence and threw me on the ground and kicked me in my face. When they brought me to the station, as they came in, they just started punching me and stomping me in my face and shouting at me.

Jose Sanchez: Now the police say that there was no violence used and they were very peaceful in the way the arrest of Mr. Brown happened but they say the little kids were stoning at them.

Sixteen-year-old minor: would no violence be used when they were firing shots, firing shots by us and the children. So much little kids in the house that passed out due to the tear gas and stuff.

Jose Sanchez: They say that it wasn’t tear gas and it was just smoke.

Sixteen-year-old minor: why were people passing out then? How?

Jose Sanchez: Were the kids throwing things at them?

Sixteen-year-old minor: how could the kids throw anything at them, they were so weak, they just lay down on the ground.  

Jose Sanchez: you didn’t throw anything in self defense?

Sixteen-year-old minor:  They just pulled me over fence and threw me on the ground and kicked me in my face.

Jose Sanchez: can you show me your back? Here you see a clear footprint in his back and his shirt was torn but the police says nothing happen of the sort.

Lady:  Tell them what the inspector did?.

 Jose Sanchez: What did the inspector do to you?

Sixteen-year-old minor: He looked me in my face and said if I see the evilness in his eye.

DCP Chester Williams: There was a child who was in the area that was also throwing missiles at the police. That child was brought to the police station; he was spoken too strongly and was subsequently released. Brian Brown is still in police custody. The child’s mother was notified of the detention. There is nothing in law that says that we must bring the mother along. The mother or guardian was only to be notified by the police and that was done. I will refute that the force was excessive, the police cause absolutely no injuries to Brain Brown.He was taken out of his home without the use of force on him personally so the force used by police was quite proportionate.

Jose Sanchez: One of the women who was in the household says that she was pushed down violently so there was, she is saying there is force used.

DCP Chester Williams: I am not going to answer that question.If she believed the police pushed her because she was obstructing the police she should be lucky that the police did not bring her to the police station.

We note that the police would not say how many officers participated in the raid that went through front and back doors as well as a window.  Nor would they say how many weapons were taken onto the compound or how many smoke grenades were used. The Commander of Operations did say no illegal substances were found at the residence. By all accounts it was a successful operation however, the court will determine the next step regarding the threats Brown made against his mother and sister.