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Belize Police Department Bust Nine Men With Over 13 Stolen Weapons

Victor L. Bryant and Company Limited was proudly established in 1913. But it seems the old school way of doing things is not in line with 21st century methods. The company which sells guns and ammunition, houses its cadre of weapons in a warehouse styled zinc building along the Chetumal Boulevard. The building has a security guard that lives on site but the thieves managed a heist that was so easy, they almost got away with it. The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams flanked by Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal, Assistant Commissioner for Operations gave a breakdown of how the police department managed to break the case within hours and retrieve the Items. The Williams and Vidal said that an officer on duty saw someone known to the cops at 3:30 a.m. and contacted the station to keep an eye on the Chetumal Boulevard area on the cameras. As luck would have it, he was spotted in the area again and that lead to 4 thousands of rounds of ammunition of just one type and a cadre of guns, enough to start a war on the streets.

Sr. Superintendent Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “One of our officers for the ACT operation was conducting an inspection in different areas within Belize City southside when they came across an individual whose vehicle was searched. The same individual’s vehicle was again searched by the bridge near Chetumal St. known as the Chetumal Bridge. Around that time they were alerted to some persons by the Victor L. Bryant store. The officers then moved to the area where they discovered that the place had been burglarized. The owner was subsequently called who arrived and indeed confirmed that the place had been burglarized and that some firearms had been stolen from the stock at the establishment. Subsequent investigation by the Police has led to the discovery of several of these weapons in different areas within that southside area of Belize City and the Belama area. So far the Police has recovered two .22 revolvers, three .38 revolvers as well. five 12 gauge Pump Action Shotguns and eight .32 rifles. Also in different areas the Police discovered  four thousand 9mm rounds, one hundred fifty .38 rounds and seven hundred fifty 12 gauge cartridges. The investigation is still ongoing and other areas are being searched at this time. A total of 9 persons are currently detained. One of these persons house was searched and also drugs was found. I think it was over 4 kilograms of Marijuana that was found so he will also be charged for that offense but as I said 9 persons have been detained and investigation continues at this very moment.”

Jose Sanchez: “Did any alarms go off? Did they have any security on the site?”

Sr. Superintendent Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “They have a security, the security lives on site but from the position of where he resides and in relation to where the culprits entered he would not have been able to have seen or heard the burglary.

Jose Sanchez: “Suspects that you have in custody are they related to any particular gang?

Commissioner of Police CHester Williams: “Well yes they are. I am not going to go into specifics though.”

Jose Sanchez: “Will you consider the on site security guard a person of interest in this investigation?”

Sr. Superintendent Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “Well the investigation will determine if there was any collusion with these persons but the preliminary investigation is not indicating that as yet but if there is any information that leads to that then certainly he will also be looked at as a suspect.”

DCP CHester Williams: “One of the suspect in the burglary was hiding out in the Queen Square area and the Police had to go and flush him out and he was caught. He was the one that was found with the drugs that Mr. Vidal spoke about earlier and also recovered from him was one hundred fifty one .38 rounds which were also from the Victor L. Bryant burglary so again good work on the part of the Police in the Queen Square area as well.”

Jose Sanchez: “The activity in the Mayflower area this morning…?”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Same thing as well.”

Jose Sanchez: “Can you tell us what happened in Mayflower?

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “I will not go into details. The police went to Mayflower and some firearms were recovered in the Mayflower area.”