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Police Thwarts Burglars in Lake Garden

Police in Ladyville, belize District responded to a report of a burglary in the Lake Gardens area just across from the Lord’s Bank area.  The call came in just after eleven thirty this morning.  Commanding Officer for the Ladyville Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Juanito Cocom briefed the media on the incident along with the Commander for Rural Eastern Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster.


“We responded however upon our response the culprit had already left the area. Apparently though some of their looting was left in the premises, we managed to deal with that part and to deter that part. We made runs in the general area which is a very vast bushy area where it is muddy as well and we found some paraphernalia that these guys used to break into the area. At this time I could say that the owner of the house has not come in. I believe she works somewhere out of the area and she has already been summoned but she has not come in to ascertain what all has been missing from her residence.”


“We had a patrol responding initially to the burglary but they lost their tie rod end so they were disabled hence the reason why we responded. The burglars apparently had gas tanks, fans, lined up at the back door apparently they went with other items already but because of the alertness of neighbors in the area hence the reason we were alerted to the burglary in progress.”

ACP Broaster says that there have been previous burglaries in the rural area.


“The jungle from behind the Lake Garden area the MO is the same as previous burglaries that had occurred just one recently last week where they took out the meter from the socket in case the premise is rigged with alarms to disable the alarms but in that previous case they failed to realize that there are backup batteries for alarms. Unfortunately this one didn’t have an alarm but if it wasn’t for quick thinking residents in the area we wouldn’t have been alerted to the burglary in progress.”

Several neighbourhood watch committees have been formed in the rural Belize District with the inclusion of Ladyville Police in an effort to have quicker responses.