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Police to ramp up patrols in light of gun violence flare up

Since Thursday of last week, five murders have been recorded in Belize City. The victims, 44-year-old Glenn Vernon, 26-year-old Jeffrey Buller, 49-year-old Benjamin Hyde, Sr., 26-year-old Jordan Bradley, and 59-year-old Paul Panton were all callously gunned down. The spike in violent crimes has forced the police department to ramp up its patrolling efforts, particularly in southside Belize City. Earlier today, Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, spoke about the need for citizens to assist the police in keeping peace and solving crimes.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “We do have our specialised units that are responsible for looking for these wanted persons and make sure or try to ensure the safety of the other citizens in this beautiful city of ours. We are trying our best to bring our city well, we know that the city is not out of control but we know that law abiding citizens like your grandparents, my mother, my father, other people’s grandparents, when they hear one murder, it’s too much for them. So we want to assure them that the police presence will be in the streets. We will continue to go hard after these criminal elements that we believe are responsible for people not feeling safe in their own homes and we will stop at nothing. We will increase our patrols actually and we’re asking the general public. It might look like nothing major to you but report every crime that you see because each crime could be connected to a larger crime.”