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Police to Revisit the 2016 Double Murder of Shawn Lopez and Akeem Thimbrel

Two weeks ago, the families of murdered cousins, Shawn Lopez and Akeem Thimbriel, demonstrated through the streets of Belmopan to express their discontent over the police’s handling of the case. The initiative was spearheaded by Akeem’s father, Irving Thimbriel, who made several accusations against the police department. Thimbriel claimed that the police were covering up certain aspects of the case to protect one of their own. The men were gunned down almost six years ago and no one has been charged for their killings. Commissioner Chester Williams explained that he has directed one of his officers to take another look at the case to try and bring closure to the victims’ families.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “In terms of the accusations being made I cannot answer for them I was not the Commissioner of Police then but I had asked Mr. Myvette to look at the file again and see if there is anything in it that we can go on and or what we might be able to do if there is any follow up that we can do to bring closure to the family, they are entitled to that.  So we are looking at the file again and we’ll see where we can go from there.”  

Lopez and Thimbriel were shot dead in May 2016 near Lopez’s home in Camalote Village.