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Police to tweak strategy in attempt to get crime under control

Gun Violence continues to persist – in the old capital, since Sunday this week, there has been two murders and there was a third in San Pedro.  Already the body count for 2017 is over a hundred, edging closely to 2016’s total number of murders which stood at 138. The Police Department has not readily agreed to the suggestion that crime or violent crimes are on the rise and today, we asked the head of the Department, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie for his views on the matter.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“There is always concerns when there are shootings especially when lives are lost because we know that lives are irreplaceable and I haven’t looked at the stats since I came back to see if indeed there is an increase because there are also times when it is slow. What we have got to look at is what may be driving this latest round of violence and try to deal with that situation. As I indicated earlier I have a number of meetings set up with the Senior Command in Belize City to get a thorough briefing and to definitely look at the existing strategy and see where we need to tweak those to be a little more effective but again the key in terms of preventing and solving crime lies with the citizens out there because they are always out there and there’s times when they have the information long before the police it. Usually the police are in a reactive mode.”