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Police top brass speaks of security measures for festivities

It’s Independence Eve and the Belize Police Department is taking measures to keep you safe during the celebrations for Belize’s 36th birthday. Recently, with the increase of shootings and the discovery of explosives, police patrol and intelligence gathering have been amped up. Acting Commissioner of Police Noel Leal explained.

Noel Leal – Acting Commissioner of Police

“I’m glad to report that so far none of these incidents seem to have been targeting people currently involved or participating in the September celebrations en mass. We are aware that we are having Independence Day celebrations countrywide on Thursday, we are aware of the after independence celebration on Regent and Albert Street in Belize City on Thursday afternoon, we are aware that a lot of people will be heading towards Orange Walk for their independence day parade and so- so we have different layers of policing which we will be conducting to ensure that residents for example of Belize City and Orange Walk as well as people who are going to visit these areas can feel reasonably safe and comfortable in participating investigations. So as we said before in our last press conference please bear with us the police will be on the ground they will be on the road and we might be seeing some new aspects of policing security particularly for Thursday both in Belize City and in the north we ask you to bear with us as the police tries to ensure that everything is safe. Other than that there is nothing to suggest that there will be any disruption or anything untoward for our independence day celebrations but if there is anything be assured that the police will do its best to ensure that nothing happens and that everything is safe for the Independence day parade countrywide.”