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Police Track Drug Planes

Over the weekend, authorities were tracking a drug plane. The plane was hovering over Belize early on Sunday morning. The plane, however, did not land on Belizean soil; instead, it is believed that it landed in Honduras. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed the information to Love News and further shared that another plane was being tracked last night. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Over the weekend and including last night we were tracking planes and yes the one from the weekend did land Honduras from what we were told and there was also one that we were tracking either last night or night before and these things occur frequently and again as a department, as a law enforcement organization working in conjunction with the BDF and the Coast Guard whenever we get these information we deploy our people to respective areas with a view to ensure that if the plan should come within our airspace and try to land that we are in a position to intercept. Yes, as I’ve said before we certainly will not be able to intercept all but we’ll do our best to intercept as much as we can. And we call upon the public again if you see a low flying aircraft within your area call the police let us know what is happening and we are going to respond. I can tell you that I get a number of text messages from people saying a plane is flying low in my area and I would normally refer that information to JIAC, JIAC will then check with Civil Aviation and they will confirm that it is a legal flight but again it shows that the public is reporting these activities and while yes it is legal flights it is still helps us to know that we have the public underside and if it is an illicit one then certainly it helps us as well.”