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Police Update Status of Recent Major Crimes

73 year old Thomas Shannon. US National who resides in Hopkins Village sustained a stab wound after he became the victim of a home invasion on Saturday night. Two Belize City residents, 20 year old Karil Sanchez from a Flamboyant Street and 23 year old Steve Crawford from Jane Usher Boulevard were found with his vehicle by Hattieville police. It is a glaring and stark example of criminal enterprises expanding beyond the shops of Belize City and into other parts of the country, where they believe the police department has less stringent strategies to fight crime. Sr. Superintendent Sandra Bodden, Southern Regional Commander gave an update on Shannon’s case.

Sr. Superintendent Sandra Bodden Southern Regional Commander Belize Police Department: “On the 23rd of February which was Sunday Police responded to a report of an aggravated burglary in Hopkins Village. The victim was identified as a US National where he reported that two men entered his home: one with a firearm and one with knife. The person with the knife inflicted a stab wound to him. Stolen from him was his motor vehicle, a cell phone and a laptop. So far the vehicle has been recovered by Hattieville Police and we have two persons detained. They are one Steve Crawford Jr. and one Karil Sanchez. They will be charged today for aggravated burglary among other charges.”

The Southern Regional Commander also gave an update on the shooting that occurred in San Pedro, Columbia Village in Toledo District on Sunday night.  28 year old Elulaio Chiac and 26 year old Orlando Choc were both shot as they walked home through a feeder road at 2:00 a.m

Sr. Superintendent Sandra Bodden Southern Regional Commander Belize Police Department: “Police visited the Punta Gorda Hospital where they observed two male persons with gunshot injuries. They were identified as Eulalio Chiac and Serafino Cho. Investigation reveal that both men were walking home in the Colombia Village after socializing when they were fired upon by one Robert Chen. Chen is the nephew of Eulalio Chiac whom he had a misunderstanding with previously. Chen has not yet been detained and investigations into this matter continues.”

Sunday was indeed a busy day for the police officers in Punta Gorda. The Central Park was lit by gunfire before 11 am. Senior Superintendent Bodden says no one was injured by the gunfire.

Sr. Superintendent Sandra Bodden Southern Regional Commander Belize Police Department: “About 10:55 AM information was received that shots were being fired in the Central Park Area of Punta Gorda Town. Police responded where they saw two male persons who were riding on separate bicycles in that area. The male person was identified as Adwan Usher 27 years and Albert Valentine also 27 years both Belizean Nationals. The information gathered is that Usher and Valentine both had firearms. Usher pulled his firearm and fired in the direction of someone but his firearm snapped. Valentine then took out his firearm and fired three shots towards the same person but he missed. No one was injured in that incident and Police have since recovered one of the fire arms and both Valentine and Usher are in custody. They are awaiting charges also.”

18 firearms, and several thousand live rounds of ammunition were recovered on February 12, the morning after heist of Victor L. Bryant on Chetumal Boulevard in Belize City. Quick police work led to the detention of suspects. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams believe there is at least one outstanding weapon and about 500 rounds of ammunition unaccounted for. Williams also said that the department is still considering the status of business owner’s license to sell guns and ammunition.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Yes I have received his response and I have further tasked Mr. Ramirez who is in charge of the Dangerous Goods Unit to do a more extensive investigation that also involved Customs. We want to be able to look at the Custom entries for the importation of firearms that Mr. Galaty has done over the past year with a view to look at the patterns and see the quantity and with that then we should be able to say how many firearms he had at his place. We will compare that to what we took from him and what we have recovered after the burglary and then we will know exactly how many firearms are left outstanding if in fact any from the burglary that took place at his establishment. We continue to go after persons who we believe are involved in that burglary, as well as their affiliates with a view to recover those that we believe are outstanding. We also believe that there is also a firearm outstanding which is a rifle that we also are trying to do our best to recover.”