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Police updated the media on Cattouse’s Case

72-year-old Albert Cattouse was killed on October 12 while driving his Lincoln Town Car and was shot when he was passing Bocotora Street.  Cattouse was shot to the head and died inside his taxi which was found in a drain near the Rogers Stadium fence.  Six days after his murder, the first official statement on his murder was given by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow himself in a press conference on October 18. He refuted the allegation that Cattouse’s death was politically motivated and proceeded to give a rather detailed report of what led to his death that night.  On Monday, the media asked police where they are with that investigation but by their report, they haven’t advanced much in the case.

ASP Alejandro Cowo

“Well, the death of Mr. Cattouse is still being investigated. We have detained several persons in reference to that murder investigation, however, there is no eyewitness that has come out to say that they have seen something or heard something. We have followed many leads and we have detained four persons and they have to be released.”


“The Prime Minister again provided very detailed explanation of what happened, conversation that took place inside of the vehicle, how Mr. Cattouse saw one of the men behind him with a gun in his hand and realized what they were about to do I mean he broke it down, is that what you all have discovered as to what transpired. How did you all discover that, did one of the four persons detained provide that information was that person or those persons then released? Could you shed a little light?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo

“Based on our investigation and on the scene we can be sure as to what more or less say what transpired and that is suspected as to what happened. Yes we got a little information from the person we detained and we are still investigating the matter at this moment.”