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Police Updates Media on Baby’s Death in Belmopan

On Tuesday evening, 23 month old baby Janeeka Campbell was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital from Saint Matthew’s Village after she apparently stopped breathing. Before doctors could attend to her, she was pronounced dead on arrival. Police got involved and bruises were observed on Janeeka’s upper body. That led Belmopan Police to suspect foul play and an investigation was immediately launched. The mother, 24 year old Yaneeka Campbell had been detained for questioning while police were searching for the father, who we are told is no stranger to the law. He was later detained and questioned. Belmopan police could not lay any charges on anyone without the results of the post mortem examination. That result was obtained yesterday but instead of reassuring police of their suspicion, it has created room for more questions and confusion. According to the pathologist, baby Janeeka died of quote, “Traumatic asphyxiation multifocal subarachnoid hemorrhage due to head and chest trauma”. That doesn’t quite spell murder or abuse and so police have scheduled a meeting with pathologist so they can get an explanation as to what exactly that means. We are told that based on the post mortem results the file will be sent to the Office of Public Prosecution for advice and according to Belmopan Commanding Officer, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett that will determine how they will proceed with the case.