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Police Updates Media on Robbery Gone Wrong

Belize City police are reviewing security camera footage, hoping to determine what exactly unfolded inside Kephawn’s Pawnshop at the Commercial Center in Belize City yesterday afternoon.  The shooting incident drew a huge crowd that blocked traffic downtown. They too wanted to know what had happened. Inside the pawnshop was the body of 20-year-old Phillip Anthony Barrera of an East Collet Canal address. Police say that Barrera along with another man had barged into the pawnshop with the motive to rob the store at gunpoint.  However, the owner was present and he was armed as well. In a matter of seconds, gunshots were heard.


“What we learned since then is that Anthony Barrera and a second person entered the pawn shop where Barrera pointed a gun at the assistant of the business place while the second male person placed a bag on the counter and demanded that the owner of the business put all the jewelry and cash inside the bag. Shortly after the demand was made, the owner of the business pulled out his licensed 9mm pistol and fired several shots four of which caught Anthony Barrera, who is now deceased.”

Barrera was shot three times, once to the cheek and twice to the left leg. Now the question of whether or not the owner of the pawnshop use of lethal force is justifiable is something that investigators will determine.


“We are investigating this matter and as soon as we conclude the investigation the file will be sent to the DPP for further directive. There is nothing to indicate that he was shot after he fell to the ground. I can’t really say if he could have lost his life, the perpetrator had a firearm and the firearm as we know is a deadly weapon.”


“Had the perpetrator indicated from your review of evidence that he just wanted the property or had he issued a direct threat towards the well being of those in the store?”


“From what I saw he had the gun pointed at the assistant so he did pose some threat.”


Police are now looking for the second suspect who they believe is from the Rocky Road area.


“We know who the second person is at this time.”