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Police Wait on Statements from Witnesses in Weekend Murder

On Saturday as a group of men was heading to Belize City from a visit at the Hattieville prison, they came under gun fire around mile eight on the George Price Highway. Three vehicles ambushed their car on the highway which resulted in the death of one of the occupants, Michael Wallace. Police believe that the shooting may be gang related.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster, Rural Easter Division briefed the media on the issue.


“On Saturday at about 2 we had a white Nissan Altima that was leaving prison carrying Richard Wallace, Michael Wallace and Edward Flowers to Belize City. Upon reaching mile 9 a blue blazer pulled in front of them and an infiniti pulled behind them and started firing shots at them. Richard Wallace aborted the vehicle and ran, the blue blazer knocked him down but he managed to get up and ran whilst Edward Flowers made good his escape. Michael Wallace received gunshot wounds to his head and to his body. The occupants of the blue blazer fled from out the blazer which was eventually found in the Homeland Memorial Park area in front of Prosser and the Altima ended up in the bushes about some 30 feet on the Prosser side of the highway. The Infiniti turned around and attempted to head back to Hattieville when it ran off the road and the occupants exited the vehicle. We believe that there was a fourth vehicle involved which picked up the suspects from both the Infiniti and the Blue Blazer. We have a suspect in custody who was taken off the bus in Belize City and we believe that he is a significant person of interest to this matter that we are investigating. Michael Wallace succumbed to his injuries at 6:20PM yesterday. “

The vehicle which Wallace was travelling in received eight shots. Police say the other occupants of the vehicle are not cooperating.


“An investigation is somewhat stalled from the victim’s side of this shooting as they are not cooperating with the police as yet. I was just made to understand that Richard Wallace is making his way to Hattieville to give a report, hopefully he will be cooperative with giving us the necessary information that we require. I’m not going to go into details at this time with respect to that aspect but I can tell you from the initial investigation it has  a direct correlation with the death of Gerald Tillett.”

One person is in Police custody.