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Police will use DNA to see if body parts belong to missing male

17 year old Gerardo Vasquez is still considered missing. The teen from Ontario Village, Cayo District was last seen on September 25 by his mother and since then there has been speculation that body parts that turned up in Teakettle Village may have been his. The police have found two legs; one by the river near Warrie Head Bridge in Teakettle and the other leg downstream in the Chia Maya area in Camalote Village.  ACP Joseph Myvett told the media that, they will use DNA to see if the limbs are linked to the missing man’s case.

ACP Joseph Myvette:In reference to the update on missing person Gerardo Vasquez, we are in the process of taking DNA samples from other family members for comparison at this point. That is where we are in relation to this investigation. Information in regards to that is that there were several stab wounds on I belive it was the right limb so then no further in depth investigation was done other than to gather samples from the limb and we are now awaiting for samples to be taken from family members in order for a comparison. It hasn’t been stalled, we pretty much acting on information where we have scaled down and is mostly responding to any information.”

It’s been 31 days since Vasquez has been missing and with each day it is more unlikely that he will be found alive. The police also addressed an image that was circulating on social media that a prankster had tried to pass as a decapitated head, skin and private parts of Omero Campos. They quickly debunked the prank as Google proved it was an old image, part of the handiwork from an international drug cartel. Campos’ wife also denied the image was of her husband.