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Police Woman Dies After Not Being Able to Afford Healthcare

A 24-year-old police woman is dead, leaving a three month old baby behind.  Shanique Roca-Terry was a first time mother but ever since she gave birth to her son on June 24, 2015, she has been in the hospital for the most part after she was diagnoses with pulmonary edema, cardiomyopathy, vein thrombosis, an enlarged liver and pulmonary thromboembolism.  She was due for another evaluation in Mexico but she had no money to get there or pay for her evaluation.  So, a desperate young mother and her family went to the INDIEGOGO LIFE website where persons go to raise funds for various causes.  She made an appeal on the website, saying, quote, “There are some good doctors and nurses working in the hospitals but I’ve lost all faith in these institutions. I’ve been overprescribed with medication which led to me zoning in and out and landed me back in the same hospital. I’ve been sent home after receiving inadequate treatment and I’ve had bad reactions to medicines prescribed to me. My son is 3 months old. In the 3 months since he was born I’d say that I’ve spent a total of only one single month with him.  He is an amazing little boy (every mom probably says this) and he’s just growing quickly without me. I feel like I’m missing out on so much. Helping me might lead to me being better treated so that I can be there for him and return to my job.”  End of quote.  Shanique was hoping to raise about three thousand five hundred US dollars but the money never came in time and she passed away over the weekend.  Her Facebook page has since been filled with messages of condolences, memoirs from friends and family.  And while it is a time of mourning for the family, it is also a time to look at the insurance and health benefits that are given to police officers who work odd hours and extended hours.  We will keep following this story.