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Police woman is a suspect in the murder of Ahmad

WPC Michelle Brown is a suspect in the fatal shooting of 39-year-old Fareed Ahmad. She is at the KHMH under heavy police guard. Brown was inside Ahmad’s BMW SUV on Wednesday night when they crashed into a parked truck near Mile 17 on the George Price Highway. Brown is a member of the Special Assignment Team and a day before Ahmad’s fatal shooting, he had filed a formal complaint against the Special Assignment Team for alleged continued harassment. The Ahmad family believes that his death was an execution and called on the authorities to conduct a transparent and impartial investigation. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie instructed that the Crimes Investigation Branch and the Professional Standards Branch carry out investigations into the matter. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, who is in charge of the Professional Standards Branch, shared what the investigation has revealed so far.


Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams

“The investigation of Police into that matter continued and yesterday we conducted an extensive search of the vehicle for the firearm as we knew that Mr. Fareed do have a licensed firearm and from information, we also obtained the WPC was also armed with a Police issued firearm. Neither firearm was found; an examination of the vehicle, however, revealed two bullet holes on the driver side window of the vehicle. The vehicle was then transported to Belize city Queen St. compound for it to be more extensively search for the firearms and the expended shell if any. That search was done yesterday and nothing was found and this morning with the assistance of the fire service the jaws of life were able to cut the vehicle and we manage to recover one firearm inside the vehicle. That firearm is of Bersa brand and from our records, it was the firearm the WPC was carrying at the time. We also found inside the vehicle two expended shells. The firearm and expended shells will be sent to the lab for examination to ascertain whether or not it was that firearm that discharged the two expended shells that were found inside the vehicle. WPC Brown is currently admitted at the KHMH in a stable condition and is detained and is being treated as a suspect in respect of this matter. From our investigation so far we know that Mr. Fareed Ahmad had made a report against elements of the SAT; Special Assignment Team and those persons against whom the report was made, WPC Brown was a part of that team that the report was made against, so we are also looking at that angle in terms of his report that he made to the Police on Wednesday 27th; one day or couple hours prior to the incident where he lost his life.”

Brown is yet to give Police a statement. Williams says that upon her release from the hospital, she will be taken to the police station to be interrogated. As we reported, Ahmad had made a formal complaint against the Special Assignment Team. Williams shared the nature of that complaint.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams

“Mr. Ahmad’s report was that he was constantly being harassed by members of the Special Assignment Team and particularly he was reporting about a matter that took place on December 21st where he alleges that he was stopped on the corner of Vernon St. on the highway by the SAT. He was handcuffed and brought to the Police Station to be searched. He believes that it was unnecessary for him to be handcuffed just to be brought to the Police Station for a search. When I arrived on the scene after six that morning; yes members of SAT were there and I told them to leave as I did not see the need for them to be there after all the matter being investigated concerned one of their colleagues and I think their presence would have been more intimidating than anything else and so I ask them to leave and they left. I have requested due to reports from them and I was just text informed that the duty reports have been submitted. It is important that yes we ascertain exactly what they were doing there and that is been looked into. From an investigative standpoint and as a Senior Investigator I believe that the shots were fired from inside the vehicle.”

According to Williams, even though Brown complains of pain, no injuries can be observed on her body and x-rays have not revealed any serious internal injuries.