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Police working to restore normalcy in Dangriga

Recently, there were two murders that took place in Dangriga, that of 55-year-old Jamaican national Patrick George Crossdale and 43-year-old Gabriel Laurie Jr.  Both murders took place in broad daylight and what is even worse is that Crossdale was killed across from a school where children were present.  Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that police has been ramping up their efforts in that vicinity to make it safe once again.

Chester Williams – Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations): In respect to the incidents in Dangriga I have directed our Major Crime Unit from Belmopan to go down to Dangriga. They have been there from last week Wensday; assisting with the investigations of those murders in that municipality. We have also understand that the residents of Dangriga are planning a protest on Thursday of this week where they will be demonstrating against the increase of crime within their municipality. We welcome those sort of activities and the Police will be there to Police that event but I want to ensure to the residents of Dangriga that the Belize Police Department will be doing all we can to be able to restore that sense of safety within the cultural capitol that they are accustomed to. It might take a little while, I wouldn’t say a long while because we are already in the process of what needs to be done to restore normalcy in Dangriga and so I am going to tell them that they are going to see increase in Police activities within the municipality and we want to ask the public in that area to cooperate with the Police as much as they can with a view to see that we can assist them in ensuring that the municipality return to where it used to be, feeling comfortable moving around how they want.”