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Police’s Investigation Meets Dead End For Failure of Witnesses Testifying

This past Sunday afternoon Marlon Bonner was gunned down on a basketball court at the corner of Fabers Road and Central American Boulevard. The police have been carrying an investigation and have one person in custody. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams gave us an update on the ongoing investigation stating that they have established that two persons were involved in the crime.


“We still have that one person of concern in custody there are actually two persons, there was the gunman and then there was the lookout man. There are two persons of interest we have one of them in custody and we are still looking for the other. We are hoping that someone will be able to give us a statement to move forward with the investigation. We are currently at a dead lock because of the fact that non one has come in to give a statement even though there are several persons that actually witnessed the shooting but as difficult as it is we understand people’s plight as to why they don’t want to come in and give statements to us and that is one of the reasons why we had been embarking so strongly on being proactive rather than being reactive because we know and we understand the dynamics of investigating crimes on south side Belize city. It is a very tedious task because of the fear that people have in giving statements to the police as it relates to any investigation so we are trying to see how we can prevent crimes from occurring rather than having crimes occurring and then we have to investigate because the investigation process will always be a difficult one. The saying goes prevention is better than cure so we are working with that motto, we are trying to prevent as much as we can and when crime manifests itself we have to find ways and means as to how we can investigate them to see how we can bring those responsible to justice.”

The lack of eye witness statements keeps plaguing criminal investigations in Belize. In a separate interview Chester Williams had mentioned that even though the police would like to implement a witness protection program, it is not something he foresees in the near future.