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Political parties will play a key role in re-registration

The Chief Elections Officer said that the success of the national re-registration exercise depends on every individual. However, she admitted that the political parties play a crucial role in executing the process since they have the ability to mobilize persons.

Josephine Tamai – Chief Elections Officer, Election & Boundaries: “We have met with the political parties, we have other stakeholders that we are meeting with and we will go out to those persons. We have an obligation to do that. Like I mentioned for us at the Elections and Boundaries department we will do our best to ensure that only persons who qualify get on those lists. And again yes we say the political parties but I’m of the belief that it still boils down to us as individuals because you have persons who would not want for any political party to take the mouth so we are hoping that persons take the interest upon themselves and don’t want for a political party to take you out.”