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Popular Resident Slain in Dangriga

Police in Dangriga have detained a sixteen year old male in connection with the shooting death of 35-year-old John Rodriguez. On Friday night, Rodriguez, along with three other customers was in a gaming establishment on Havana Street when sometime after eleven o’clock, three male persons entered. One of them, armed with a firearm demanded that the cashier open the door where she was. When the cashier refused, he attempted to kick open the door but was unsuccessful. The gunman fired a single shot in the direction of the customers, grazing 38-year-old Stanley Venai to the left side of the neck. John Rodriguez was hit to the left side of the face, resulting in the fatal injury. Rodriguez was an employee of Quality Poultry and we spoke with one of his co-workers, Tanya Smith who said he will be greatly missed.


“He was the friendliest person you would ever meet, he always had a smile on his face, he was as hard working person. He was the side man, his route was Placencia they go to sell chickens there and the customers loved him. He was a friendly, warm hearted person. He is going to be a loss for the company. He is leaving behind a son that he absolutely adores.”

Rodriguez will be buried this weekend.