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Popular San Pedro fisherman shot

Meanwhile, San Pedro Police are investigating a shooting incident which left 48-year-old Gilberto Lara and 25-year-old Katherine Torres injured. It happened early on Saturday morning as Lara and Torres were heading home on a golf cart on Sea Weed Street in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town. Lara was shot to the chest, while Torres was grazed by a bullet on her shoulder. According to the Head of Belize City CIB, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, a motive has not been established.


“Sometime after three thirty in the morning whilst police were at the Police station in San Pedro, a male person arrived there driving his golf cart who identified himself as Gilbert Lara accompanied by another female by the name of Catherine Torres. Mr. Lara was observed as having a gunshot to the left side of the chest and Ms. Torres had a graze on the shoulder. They were transported to the San Pedro PolyClinic where Mr. Lara was transported to Belize City via airplane and he was admitted to ward in a stable condition. Ms. Torres was treated and she was discharged the same night. Mr. Lara was discharged yesterday from the hospital. What police have so far is that Mr. Lara and the female were going to their house in the San Juan Area and just before reaching their house they heard a gunshot and realized that they were injured. So far this matter is under investigation by San Pedro Police.  No, Mr. Lara as we are concerned has no criminal history or any involvement. As to anything in San Pedro, I know that he was socializing at an establishment, he had left from there and he was going along with his female residence.”

Lara is a well-known fisherman and tour guide on the island.