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Popular Shopping Sites for Belizeans Looted During Riots in Chetumal

Residents in various parts of Mexico are angered and have been expressing that rage via protest, road blocks, looting and civil disobedience over the last few days.  Reports reaching our newsroom are that the entire situation began over the increase in fuel prices.  Kenrick Theus is a Belizean living in Chetumal, Quintana Roo for the last two years.  He has been observing much of what has been transpiring and spoke to Love News earlier today saying that there is no need for fear by Belizeans coming to Chetumal.

We contacted the Mexican Embassy in Belize for an official comment earlier today and we are awaiting their response.  According to the Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arlette Gomez, the matter is currently under review.

We were unable to get comment from Belize’s Ambassador to Mexico, Oliver del Cid as he was in a Heads of Mission meeting throughout the day.