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Port of Belize says Mediator needed for discussions with CWU

Arturo Vasquez, President of the Port of Belize has also written to the Labour Minister who happens to be  Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Vasquez referred the Labour Minister to the negotiating framework that would then make allowances for the introduction of a mediator into the scenario, not a strike notice as has been done by the CWU.

Arturo Vasquez President Port of Belize: “It says the Minister shall consider any dispute reported to him under subsection one and if in his opinion suitable means for settling the dispute already exist by virtue of agreement to which the parties organizational representative, employees and workers respectively. He shall refer the matter for settlement in accordance with these provisions so we’re basically saying there exist a provision for us to get through this impasse by what is outlined in our negotiating framework so we are saying the Minister would now look at and say the negotiating framework  exist. You guys sign this together and said if you get to an impasse this is how you will deal with its now we think that even to give the Minster the option to say hey guys there is a negotiating framework there you should perhaps you should go through that impasse situation first before we get in to a twenty one day notice os that is the point we have made to the Minister today.”