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Portions of the Philip Goldson Highway will need continuous road repairs

And, bad roads in the south are not the only issue the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has to address. That’s because a portion of the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 2 and 5 is in need of repair. A section of the area has started to sink, causing cracks in the road. According to Chief Engineer, Lennox Bradley, the problem has to do with design-related issues that will lead the highway to continuously be in need of repair.

Lennox Bradley, Chief Engineer, MIDH: “We agreed on a certain design and that design was based on certain assumptions that we make. As a developing country, you don’t have all the data that we’d require to try and have all the parameters that one has to put into the design matrix for these things. We undoubtedly have to assume some of these things But, in that area that you have identified,, indeed we have some challenging geotechnical sort of conditions there. It also tends to run towards the Burdon Canal bridge. If you notice, the Burdon Canal also suffers from that problem. We call it ‘differential settlement.’ The soil strata in that area is very challenging for quite some depths there and the sort of design that we’d have to invest there would be very expensive and one has to decide whether it’s worth investing that amount or you have a fall back system and what we had decided at that time when we came up with at that time when we came up with that design was to use a similar approach that we used on the George Price Highway close to Burdon Canal, that whenever we have differential settlement and it exceeds six inches in difference, we will go out there and we will rip up small sections that are affected, balance it with quality materials and resurface it again and that will give us another three years of life and that is the strategy that we have been doing. No? We’re trying to intervene after a certain time period, restore it to a certain level of service and just wait for time. Consolidation will continue there for quite some years because that area, we surcharge it for quite some months and we still have that problem.”