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Post Mortem Examinations revealed the cause of death for fire victims

A postmortem examination has been conducted on the bodies of the 4 persons who perished on Sunday during a fire that gutted a home at the corner of Progress and Cinderella Streets in Orange Walk Town.  The body of Alfredo Petillo was found in the bathroom of the building and the cause of his death was certified as due to combined thermal Injuries and smoke inhalation by house fire.  The death of Petillo’s three children, Kevawn Clarke, Jayda Petillo, and Mia Petillo, were certified as due to smoke inhalation. Saturrino Petillo, Alfredo’s brother who lived in the adjacent structure, got out alive with his family.

Saturinno Petillo Survived Fire: “By the time I came out my house I grab my son first, my gyal grab the youngest baby and then she the drag the next baby because she was sleeping all the while through it and by the time I realize Pitts and his wife Pitts run inside back and I didnt see where he went you understand, then after that I pickup my daughter off the bed because she run inside and start cry. By the time I pick she up the whole thing drop down right on the bed and we run out and when I run out I  was asking Pitts wife where is he and where is the child? She said they were inside so I grab an iron from my side and broke the window and threw water and began shouting. First thing I want to know where was my brother because a guy was holding him back so that he didn’t go in because the fire was out of control. He said if he was to die he was going to die with his family and he ran in and I don’t know where he was at, his wife said he was coming from through the Barber Shop. I start doing everything I could in this area not the knowing it was this area here. It hurt me to know that it was there they were and I was working on all the rest of the section instead of this section here. My brother was up stairs said how he was wetting them and they are gasping for air, they are jumping up for air and they run out of water. Then they had to bring a extra truck and try to wet up and try to do his best too you understand, everybody was trying to give a hand but them time it was already to late.”