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Potable Water Project For Gardenia and Biscayne Underway

A hundred and fifty five households in the villages of Gardenia and Biscayne in the Belize District will benefit shortly from a government funded project geared at making potable water more accessible to the villagers.  The Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project comes at a cost of $999,408.49 through a loan received from the Caribbean Development Bank via the Government of Belize.  The completion of the sub-project promises to show a significant decrease of vulnerability and incidents of water-borne diseases. The Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) is collaborating with Belize Water Service Limited (BWS) to implement the Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-Project as part of its mandate to work with the Governments poverty alleviation strategy. The water supply sub-project will include the installation of water main lines that will distribute water in Gardenia village from miles 20 to 23 to BWS water grid from Mexico Creek in Sandhill Village as well as the transmission/distribution of water main lines from mile 23 in Gardenia Village to 24.5 mile in Biscayne Village. Signing the contract agreement today for the water sub-project at the BSIF headquarters was Chairman of BWS, Alberto August,  BSIF executive Director, William Lamb Jr. and Minister of State, Edmond Castro.  Completion of the water sub-project is scheduled for June, 2016.