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Poultry meeting held in southern Belize

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The coordinator of this program in this district is Ministry of Agriculture Toledo Extension officer Densford Mangar.”

Densford Mangar – Facilitator

“The training facilitator, Mr. Frank Sepansky  explained in detail practically by demonstrating how the candling process was done using a dozen eggs. In this phase the participants learned the technique of candling of eggs and could make proper decisions about which eggs were fertile and those that were not. All the participants had their opportunity to candle a dozen each. The training facilitator and myself had observed that the participants were able to candle eggs and could identify a fertile and infertile egg. The department thanks the participants from Julian Cho Technical High school, Corazon Tech, ITVET and members of the agriculture department who are also participating in the training for the continued interest and effort in this first, second and third phase of the incubator training in connection with the free range poultry project.

Paul Mahung

“Mangar commented that phase 3 training on January 25th was another successful session that was a follow up and continuation of phase one which focused on setting up the incubators and appropriate temperature. The second phase of the program focused on the setting of the chicken eggs in the incubator to begin the hatching process. Training sessions for phases one, two and three of the project were held at the Toledo Ministry of Agriculture Station with follow up visits to locations of participants at Toledo Community College, Julian Cho Technical, Corazon Tech and ITVET Toledo. The free range poultry production project is being sponsored by the ministry of agriculture through the food and agriculture organization FAO.”