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Praises for the Cops who thwarted Weapons burglary

The police department has recovered 2 point twenty-two revolvers, 3 point twenty-eight revolvers, 5 twelve gauge pump action shotguns, 8 point twenty-two rifles, 4,000 nine-millimeter rounds, 150 point thirty-eight rounds and 750 twelve gauge cartridges following the burglary at Victor L Bryant on Chetumal Boulevard.  At this morning’s award ceremony, the Minister of National Security expressed his gratitude to the department since it was police dedication and hard work that led to the recovery of the weapons and ammunition

Honorable John Saldivar: “That is still under investigation. I believe the Commissioner has said that he is looking at the establishment to see if the proper practices and procedures are being followed to the protection and custody of these ammunitions and firearms and when he is finished with his investigation I think he will be able to address that matter better.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Regarding the Victor L. Bryant case the Commissioner indicated that it was an officer on duty at 2:30, 3 in the morning who spotted this usual suspect and radioed into control. What do you say to them? Because it seems that it was Police work that actually broke open the case.”

Honorable John Saldivar: “Well I have been very satisfied over the last few months with the operations that have been conducted not just in Belize City but country wide and I believe that it is a great credit to our department as we are here today to recognize some of them so indeed I feel very good that it was the work of the Police that led to this.”