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Pregnant Teen and Alleged Father Expelled from School

There is a situation that has been brewing up north for some weeks now where a 14-year-old student was impregnated by another 14-year-old student.  Both of them were initially expelled from Bishop Martin High School in Orange Walk Town much to the dismay of their family members.  The issue, however, was compounded when the mother of the young boy who is said to be the father of the child, sought the assistance from the Department of Human Services with the hope of getting guidance on getting her son back into school and avoiding criminal charges.  That, according to activist, Elisa Castellanos, was where the issue got even hotter as she says the woman was mistreated by the Human Development Officer who threatened to have her child taken away because of her employment in a bar establishment.  Castellanos has written to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Human Development, Judith Alpuche for her intervention on the matter which Castellanos has described as being, “undignified and unprofessional”.  In the letter sent by Castellanos’ the boy’s mother was concerned that the high school was violating her son’s right to an education by expelling him without verifying beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the father of the unborn child; that the boy’s teacher has announced to the class that he had been expelled and that the school’s officials have refused to dialogue with her and that there has not been an official correspondence informing her of the expulsion.  In this case, there are several angles to be explored including the possible revision of the school policies when it comes to expulsion but more so on the prevalence on not only teenage pregnancy but also on unprotected sexual activity among minors.  While we have been unable to confirm with the school the status of the two students, we can tell you that the matter has gained much publicity as the letter sent to CEO Alpuche, was copied to the Office of the Ombudsman, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Committee; a series of international private donors and supporters of Tukum Olam Belize and a few accredited journalists.