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Preliminary SIB Census 2022 Data Indicate Reduction of Household Size in Belize City

Census 2022 continues full speed ahead. The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) says the data collection process is estimated to span over a ten week period. Love News spoke with SIB’s acting Director-General, Diana Castillo-Trejo, who provided an update on the progress they have made.  She says that preliminary information indicate that households in Belize City have become significantly smaller. 

Diana Trejo, Acting Director General, S.I.B.: “Some areas of the country we are pretty much winding down. So we are almost complete in the Toledo district and in the Corozal district. That will be followed very shortly by Belmopan and the rest of the Cayo district and Orange Walk. The areas we foresee we will have to be out in the field for an extended period of time are just the general Belize district, especially Belize City where we have had a lot of challenges retaining our field staff or interviewers and so we are short staffed, especially in the city. We are monitoring a few indicators just as our own internal quality control measures and one of the indicators that we have been monitoring and that we do see some change in is things like the average household size where we can expect, even though all the data is not in as yet, we can expect that this census will show that households on average have been getting smaller. It is possible that persons have been having less children and so we are seeing smaller average household sizes. We will see, once the data is in, in terms of demographic shifts, in terms of any changes in the age structure, in terms of movements across the country so from one area of the country versus migrating to other areas. So at this time, we are still doing the data collection. We hope to be out of the field by the end of October with the last areas and we are expecting to have our preliminary results by the second quarter of next year.”

The data collected is critical for the government to plan for the next ten years and create effective strategies to promote the development of the country. Trejo says they should be concluding the groundwork by October and the information should be finalized by the second quarter of next year.