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Premium Gasoline Pushes close to the Twelve Dollar Mark

Motorists are getting a piece of bad news tonight as come tomorrow, premium gas will be over twelve dollars per gallon. According to the Press Office, the thirty-five-cent jump will take premium from eleven dollars and seventy-six cents to twelve dollars and eleven cents per gallon. Compared to last year this time, premium sold at nine dollars and twenty cents per gallon, a difference of almost three dollars. Regular gas, which still sells at eleven dollars and eighty-two cents per gallon last year was at eight dollars and eighty-six cents, also a difference of close to three dollars. Comparing the price of kerosene, it current sells at seven dollars and sixty-nine cents per gallon, an increase of where it was a year ago when it sold at four dollars and seventy-three cents. Diesel is two dollars forty-nine cents more expensive this year than it was at this time last year. It currently fetches a retail price of ten dollars eighty-two cents per gallon compared to eight dollars and thirty-three cents this time last year. The Government continues to say that the price change reflects the current demand and supply conditions of crude oil in the international petroleum market and fluctuations in the acquisition price of refined fuel products in the countries from which Belize obtains its supplies.