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President of Carnival Association speaks on Mas Camp

Every year before carnival, a series of activities are held by the organizers, which precede the main event. Tonight the Mas Camp starts as judging come into effect. President of the Belize Carnival Association, Sandra Mahler, shares the details.

President of the Belize Carnival Association, Sandra Mahler: Tonight starts our Mas Camp night. We have four bands: Three Juniors and one Senior that will be judged tonight. The scores are worth 20 points; they are  judged on creativity and the artistic quality of their costumes and those scores that they receive at their Mas camp will be taken over to the scores with the road march and then from there they will decide who the winner will be. We will first visit Soca Massive a Jr. camp which iis on Vernon St. and then we move over to Antelope extension where we will visit Collet Royal, from there we move to King St. where we will go to Black Pearl and then we will end of the night Belizean Jewels which will be on Euphrates Ave.”

The remaining bands, Trenchtown, Soca Moca, Mother Nature, Jump Street Posse, Sunshine Sr. and Titans will be judged on Wednesday and Thursday night.