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President of Carnival Association speaks on why route has changed

On Saturday it is expected that the streets of Belize City will be filled with color and music as the Carnival Road March takes place. Sandra Mahler, the President of the Belize Carnival Association, explains why the route was changed.

Sandra Mahler, the President of the Belize Carnival Association: This Saturday September 8th Carnival starts at 1pm from Central American Blvd. at the junction with Neil Penn Rd. then we move on all the way up the Boulevard and then we turn right into Vernon St., we turn left on Youth For the Future Drive and then we go into Douglas Jones St. and then we cross over into Cinderella Plaza and then we make a right into Baymen Ave. What we have looked at for the change of route is security #1. We have to make sure that we are properly secured along whatever route is given to us and two we have to respect the decisions of the medical institutions who would prefer if we don’t go that way in order for the general public to access the medical facility so those are the main reasons why the routes have been changed this year.  During the Carnaval Rd. march on Baymen Ave. we have a planned presentation for Mr. Stanley Lizama. He is a great contributor to carnival and he has fallen ill lately and he will not be able to marshal the carnival Rd. this Saturday so in honor of his dedication to what he has done for Carnival we have decided to since we are going that route we are going to do a presentation right at the junction where he resides on Baymen Ave. We are going to do a short presentation by each band as we move along and we end at the Marion Jones stadium.”