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President of BVA says participating in CODICADER is important for young athletes

It is expected that Belize will be sanctioned for not hosting the CODICADER special games. The Minister of Sports Patrick Faber had explained that the government does not have the finances to host the games. But officials from the regional sporting body are not being lenient and so it is expected that Belize will be banned from participating in the games for two years. President of the Belize Volleyball Association Allan Sharp explained how it will affect athletes.

Allan Sharp – President, BVA
“CODICADER is like you mentioned, a very important developmental part of any sport because it deals with from young right up to the older girls and guys in high school. To not be able to participate takes away a lot from a sport like volleyball whereby especially through the efforts of Ms.Quan who from since the inception that Belize has participated Belize has been participating in female volleyball and I think to not be able to participate not only discourages the teams that are presently training, there are teams right now training boys and girls and to not be able to participate, much less to hear that you can’t participate next year or some following years is discouraging to other athletes, its discouraging to the sport and I think that the one comment that I will take that I have read that I am hoping for is that they will try to find a way that there is not a sanction; if there is a sanction it will affect the sport. We are already in Belize struggling in developing sports so when somebody is doing a lot of the work and things are happening you don’t want to disrupt that but that said, as all my colleagues know, I am a person who lives in hope I always hope for the best and so I am sure that something will work out.”