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President of NICH Says the Month of September is Packed with Special Virtual Events

The September celebrations continue across the nation with a number of activities, despite limited social interaction. President of the National Institute of Culture and History, Sapna Budhrani outlined some of the main events.

Spana Budhrani, President, National Institute of Culture and History: “We’ve been celebrating with the communities being involved and the different municipalities being involved. Many of the municipalities in the Belize at 40 cultural and environment where all municipalities planted forty trees in each district. We also have the mural projects at all municipalities. One of the one that are open right now is the Belize at 40 prizes where we’re going to reward seven Belizeans in the different categories and we’ve named those awards on Belizean pioneers. The Belizean pioneers are Andy Palacio, Leela Vernon those are the pioneers that we’ve named those prizes on. That is $2,000 would be awarded to each person who is nominated and selected after nominations so that’s open until September 3rd so we’d like to encourage people to submit a nomination. The other activities that we have of course is the 10th, 20th and the 21st we’re still going to celebrate that. We are going to have fireworks that’s Belize City at the national level where we’ll have one fireworks happening still at social distance ensuring that we’re keeping our distance but we’ll have the artists involved. In line with with that we also have a project with UB and the National Student Union body where the panel discussion with UB and with the National Student Union body we have a creative idea youth summit. So we have many activities planned for September moving along with ensuring that we keep the distance but still have people involved and having the community involved.”

Events include a UB panel discussion on September eight, the annual Fire Engine Parade on September nine, and the ceremonies marking the 223rd anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye Day on the morning of September ten. The National Day of Prayer is September twelve, the children’s rally is on the seventeenth, National Service Day and the tribute to Belizean patriots are planned for the nineteenth with Independence Day on September 21.