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President of Nurses Association Encourages the Public to get the Jab

An unofficial tally of vaccinated persons within the healthcare sector stands at an estimated seventy percent. Within the nursing population, however, there are several personnel who are still unsure about getting vaccinated. President of the Nurses Association of Belize, Darrell Spencer spoke to the newsroom at Love on Thursday encouraging his peers and colleagues to take the jab.

Darrell Spencer, President, Nurses Association of Belize: “The association does not have a single position when it comes to vaccination. We respect each member’s opinion, we respect each person’s right to choose. There are some members who have been vaccinated like myself and we keep encouraging others to get vaccinated. There are some members who have their concerns. I think as a responsible professional, as a responsible public then our job then is to try to get across to these people, those that haven’t been vaccinated, give them whatever education information they may be lacking, try to clear up their concern and just hope that everyone gets vaccinated. At the end of the day we are profession that is supposed to be championing the rights of ourselves and our patients so we respect the right of those who chose not to and we have to work with them and try to see if we can get them vaccinated. If you have questions about the vaccine ask questions. I want to implore to the entire citizenry we cannot sit by and have the right to choose being infringed upon. The more of our civil rights that we lose the more right we have to choose without education and even in some instances where the doctor does not support the use of these medicines we are still being issued them. So we have a right. Let’s respect each other’s right. If you choose to go and get vaccinated go get vaccinated. I encourage everybody to get vaccinated, I am not going to be what they call a snake oil salesman you have the right to do your research and you have the right to make up your mind. If you get vaccinated I will love you, if you don’t get vaccinated I will love you.”