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President of the National Women’s Commission Says More Investment is Needed to Support Gender Based Laws

The President of the National Women’s Commission Thea Garcia-Ramirez participated in the First Meeting of the Inter-American Network of Gender Liaisons in Mexico City. The meeting served to share experiences and best practices among the advocacy entities of the judiciaries from member states. Discussions centered on regional access to justice from a gender perspective, its progress and challenges. According to Garcia-Ramirez, the network aims to lay the groundwork for the creation and work plan for initiatives to address several issues.  

Thea Garcia, President, National Women’s Commission: “You want to take a look at judgements and laws for example, and ensure that they’re not being discriminatory because of gender for male or female. You want laws to be inclusive. You know, to take into consideration, for example extenuating circumstances especially of women in the more vulnerable populations. For example, rural women, indigenous women, members of the LGBTQ+ communities who may have special circumstances that you need to take into account and so all those things are taken into account.”

Attendees also participated in two capacity-building workshops to strengthen their technical capacities. The first focused on monitoring and evaluation of actions and policies to promote access to justice, gender equality and the right of women to a life free of violence. Garcia-Ramirez says the second workshop concentrated on the design and implementation of budgets from a gender perspective. 

Thea Garcia, President, National Women’s Commission: “We are encouraged to breastfeed for at least one year. Yet our maternity leave is only 14 weeks, seven weeks prior to the birth of the child and seven weeks later so for a working mother, it is not in line with what needs to be done and so how do we look at that? It takes money. For example, if we want a longer breastfeeding time, we will need to make allowances and those policies will require a budget. You know? Whether it is for a longer maternity leave, whether it is in some cases allowing the mother extra time to breastfeed at home. If we wanted to speak about paternity leave, that will also require finances and will also require budgeting and planning because if you have a paternity leave, equal, for example, to the maternity leave, that will require that changes are made and monies are allocated through Social Security or how are they going to get paid for that?”

Addressing the event included Mexico’s Chief Justice Arturo Zaldívar; Dr. Nadine Flora Gasman Zylbermann, President of the National Women’s Institute of Mexico; and Dr. Patricia Pérez Goldberg, Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.