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President of the Senate speaks on negotiations with Government over sale of building in Belmopan

At last week’s House of Representatives meeting, the area representative for Toledo West, Oscar Requena rose to query Government’s potential purchase of a building belonging to President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang. Requena wanted to know the price of the building. Since then the figure of four million dollars has been put out there. Today Chang shared his side of the story.

Lee Mark Chang – President of the Senate

“My asking price is $1.65 million, my estimate came in at $2 million. We have negotiated and we have not had any settlement or any type of agreement we are all in discussion and prior to any signing of any agreement, I would need to notify the Governor General in writing of my intent on what is to move forward.  So we are still in discussion so there is no signing and no $4 million deal it’s all in discussion and it’s all about compromise and when you go into a negotiation there is always compromise, if there is no compromise there is no discussion. So its still in discussion and there is no $4 million.