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Preventing Further Disruptions at Senate Inquiry

The Special Senate Select Committee will convene tomorrow in Belmopan to continue its inquiry into the findings of the auditor general reports. Last week’s Senate Hearing had to be suspended after the UDP Chairman, Alberto August, Mace Bearer, Brian Audinett and other UDP operatives disrupted the proceedings. August promised to return every Wednesday to protest against PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay. He will be present tomorrow but will he attempt to interrupt the hearing once again? After Friday’s Sitting of the Senate, President Lee Mark Chang attended a meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Clerk of the National Assembly and Belmopan police, to figure out how they would prevent such interruption during the proceedings. This move is supported by Private Sector Senator, Mark Lizarraga.


“I do not tolerate any BS in terms of the gallery and those type of stuff in here. We are going to address these matters and ensure that these occurrences do not continue to happen or continue to happen. Well I will be very clear with you all, not in my house. Once I am here that will not happen. It doesn’t matter who it is I have cleared the gallery, threatening words have been stoned across the aisle and I’ve instructed the officers to send them out. So once I am here I will do what I need to do hence the reason why I am going to a meeting right after this so that we can have more enforcement for future things not to reoccur. Yes mistakes have been done but we need to fix it and move on not to stay back and gallivant over the past, let’s fix it and move ahead.”


“I hope as the president said earlier that that matter will be dealt with and in a manner that conveys that this type of action should not take place in the house nor in the senate. We have to have that level of respect for dialogue, respect for differences and debate and certainly one has to be very concerned by any move, by any party to try and intimidate the press and intimidate senators. We have seen in the past many instances of personal attacks on the character of people, we’ve seen many instances of intimidation and attempts to intimidate the press and that is uncalled for. So we have to do everything to send that message and I hope that the president is sincere in that it will be dealt with in a very appropriate manner so that we do not ever see that type of circus we’ve seen in the house or in the senate.”

Expected to appear tomorrow are whistle-blower, Alvorine Burgess and former Ambassador to Taiwan, Cherie Nisbet.