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Price of Fresh Fish Sees Slight Increase

The Easter season is upon us and that means that fish is now in high demand.The price of fish often spikes around this time of year as the rule of supply and demands takes effect.  But, are the buyers willing to pay top dollar as the tradition of eating fish on Good Friday continues. Today many religious fanatics and old-fashioned Belizeans flocked to check out the fresh catch before the rush begins tomorrow. Love News took to the Conch Shell Bay Fish Market to hear from a few fishers.    

And while those fish vendors are sure to make a few bucks, there were a few hustlers in the market trying to make enough to put hot cross buns on their tables.

“We make our money out here on Easter, this is like our second Christmas and it’s better we are out here than to steal from somebody in the street. I’m a fish vendor, I’m out here every year and I enjoy it a nd it’s so good.”

“The pandemic. It’s the pandemic. I’m selling plastic bags out here. Fifty cents for my plastic bags because I want to make my little bread and bun for my grand kids them. Like the young man said it’s due to the pandemic that’s why you’re not seeing the crowd out here. We have fish for all price, we have mix up, we have from three dollars a pound going right now. So come out tomorrow is the last day for you to get those things.”

The vendors noted that tomorrow is the last day to purchase fish before the Easter Holiday begins.