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Pride Week is being Celebrated in Belize

The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) and the lesbian group PETAL held a press conference to discuss Pride Week under the theme “Championing a diverse and dynamic and inclusive community.” UNIBAM’s Executive Director, Caleb Orozco explained the significance of the week’s events.

Caleb Orozco Executive Director,Unibam: The work of the Belize Advocacy Movement is evolving from one of just advocacy to creating a stronger civil rights framework; that which understands that where one group is impacted by injustice, it’s important for a voice to be rease in addressing those systemic issues. That marginalization is not an LGBT issue; It’s an issue for Belizeans that affect women experiencing violence, children experiencing sexual abuse. LGBT persons, older persons, persons with diverse abilities and at some point somewhere we have to take some kind of leadership in addressing those issues in a way that impacts the lives of all our people that live in this country.

Simone Hill , PETAL: This is the second year that we are celebrating Pride. All the organizations coming together and agreeing to do something and we chose this; this week of the 4th August to the 12 because it ties in with the 10th. With when the judgment was given on the 10th of August in 2016 and for many LGBTI persons in this country they have been looking forward to something like this and to actually have organizations doing things around this time. I know that my colleague Caleb has spoken a lot about not in he would believe in his lifetime. For me I had a lot of faith in Belize and Belizeans to see that we live as one people because for us it is important. For me I had faith and I still do; even as we look at the government challenging or appealing a portion of that where it goes in regards to sexual orientation. In life we are moving forward and to be apart of a united Belize Advocacy Movement and also to be apart of the Women’s organization PETAL that works especially with Lesbian and Bi- sexual women. It’s a great honor to serve people; to see that people would like their issues to be addressed.

Pride will be celebrated from August 4th to August 12th