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Primary School Teacher in Distress After Unpleasant Interaction Management

A teacher from the Belize district posted a video of her in distress after being summoned to the principal’s office. Teresita Avella, a teacher at the St. Luke Methodist Primary School on Mahogany Street, stated that she needs to break her silence about the oppression she has been experiencing at her workplace. Avella explained that the school principal, vice-principal and the local manager reprimanded her about a letter she had gotten a lawyer to sign. She stated that this was an ongoing matter that commenced at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Avella reported that her rights were infringed upon when her lunch hour was cut by half and she was not allowed to leave the compound. She sought legal help, however, she is now being accused of giving false information to her attorney.  Avella stated that after requesting the letter to be put in her files, the principal tore it up. Take a look at Avella’s video

Teresita Avella, Teacher St.Luke Methodist Primary School: “So you know what that lady did ? What that lady did was take my letter, took my letter, the thing that hurt me the most is took my letter and she tore it up in front of my face. Tore it up in front of my face and said “This is what I will do to this letter.” I haven’t done these people anything you know. I feel like I’m being victimized here and I don’t understand what these people have against me.

Our newsroom understands that the Belize National Teacher’s Union has intervened to assess the situation.