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Prime Minister Barrow Says His Two Terms Have Been a Wonderful Ride

Elections are one week ago and while the flags, banners, advertisements and campaigning are widely seen around the country, come November 5, there will be only one Prime Minister and thirty Area Representatives in the National Assembly.  In an interview held with the Prime Minister earlier today, Love News asked him what would be his message.  Prime Minister, first spoke to us on his relations with the media.


“We are one week away from elections, like you keep mentioning any number can play and there is the possibility that your party might not be victorious come next week.  If this is the last interview we are having with you as the Prime Minister of Belize what would be your message to the Belizean people?”


“Certainly my message to you is that is that I am going out smiling, I don’t think I’m going out at all but if I am, I’m going out smiling. I’ve always had, I think, an excellent relationship with the media.  From time to time there is a little bit of testiness in our back and forth but that is perhaps as it should be, it shows that there is no powder puffing from your side. Where I am concerned while nine times out of ten I will be nothing but gracious every so often you know how it is a little bit of asperity will creep in. I have thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with the press, it’s been something that meant that I have to think quickly, I have to react in as sharp a manner as possible, I’ve been kept on my toes and I’ve been delighted in the exchange.” 

And while he spoke of some rare testy exchanges with the media, he did went on to extend appreciation to the Belizeans and spoke of his performance in office.


“In terms of the Belizean public, if I don’t come back – thank you. It’s been a wonderful ride; it’s been full of ups and downs but at the end of the day I feel that my Government has achieved a great deal for the people of this country. There are so many concrete things that I can point to and so there will be no regrets.  I will congratulate the Belizean people on whatever decision they make.  I am perfectly prepared if that is their will that is their wish to return to private life. I’m saying a big great heartfelt thank you.”

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is winding down his second consecutive term as the country’s Prime Minister and his 31st year as the Area Representative for the Queen Square Division.