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Prime Minister: Bringing crime under control is a community effort

And while the Opposition Leader highlighted crime as an area that Belizeans should consider when they go the polls, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said crime should not be a part of the political discourse.

Hon. Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“Really, I don’t think that the issue of crime is one that ought to be exploited politically. The fact is that we all know we have been plagued with this problem for a while the government is doing all that it can, of course, there is more than we ought to attempt and there is more we will be attempting. At the House meeting on Friday, the budget will be presented. There will also be a number of anti-crime bills that will be introduced. In terms of then the legal and resource infrastructure, we continue to make a determined effort. On the ground, the police department has its action plan continuously under review. We concede that this is a huge challenge will continue to be a huge challenge. We will absolutely make an, even more, determined effort to overcome it and we recognize that no matter how much we throw at it in terms of resources, no matter how hard the police charge this requires this require the kind of community involvement that we hope we can, in fact, persuade Belizeans to display.”