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Prime Minister: “BTL owes no taxes”

In recent weeks, one of the major news stories had to do with Belize Telemedia Limited and their alleged tax debt coupled with allegations that the Chairman Nestor Vasquez had written to the Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight, requesting a tax waiver for the company.  Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow responded to questions on this issue.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: I thought that this matter had been spoken to first by the Financial Secretary. I am sure that before he went away, he was away for a week, he had signed that BTL owes no taxes, BTL pays its files and pays its GST. Now obviously some issue has arisen as to whether there is any GST liability pertaining to some intercompany transactions, I don’t know if it is intra or inter subsidies of BTL, that an audit is being conducted and that at the end of that audit a determination will be made. Clearly the position of BTL is that there is no liability for taxes in that regard but we have to wait and see what the GST Department will ultimately determine.”

Reporter: “As the Minister of Finance are you aware of any communication between the Chairman Nestor Vasquez and the FinSec in respect of a waiver of the taxes?”

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: Were you the ones who said that because when I read it somewhere I was astounded, that is absolutely, you know what I can’t say about the FTC, I can say about whoever said that, that is an outrageous lie. How could the people ask for a waiver of taxes that they say they don’t owe, that is an absolute contentable lie.”

As we had added previously, the CEO Rochus Schreiber, resigned on the heels of this story.  Schreiber has since told Love News that his resignation is not related.